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Dark Side of a Broken Knife - lyrics

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I was born tomorrow and I die yesterday
There's no way out I can find
1969, so far away
Always chasing down my mind
Sinking into blackness
My mental tomb awaits
Brain cell execution
Your world is stripped away
There's a demon in my head today
And the fuse is lit and ready to blow
Aggravation in society
My blood is boiling and it's gonna explode
I've got no use for your pretentiousness
Your rules don't mean a thing to me
Don't want to join your stupid club
Don't want to be a part of the elite
Can't conform, can't follow
My hallucinations always seem to keep me
On the dark side of a broken knife
No matter how sick my brain might be
You're never gonna tame me down, you can bet your life

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