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Serpent of Dementia - lyrics

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Breathe your fears deep
Twist the knife darkly
Again and again and again
And again and again
Serpents tongue slithers
The poison flows swift
Await eternal sleep
Foaming at the mouth
Bloody fists an fingers
Tearing at the sky
Taste of doom's breath
Mind turned to rubble
Burn burn burn burn burn
Engorged with filth
Cementary screams
Heart imploding
Into bloodied dreams
Serpent of dementia
Mental disintegration
Serpent of dementia
Die in morbid elation
Arms outstretched
To oblivion
Final sleep
Under the rotting sun
Rape o veins: orgasmic doom
Mind and nervous system blown
Penetration in the tomb
Tail tightly around your throat

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