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Intro: In The Beginning - lyrics

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In the beginning, the world was dark and silent
Filled with ice, woods and mountains
Then, in the early eighties, rose a force that was So Powerful
That the darkness was filled with bright pink leather,
Glitter, glam and nails of steel
The pink power ruled for exactly ten years
Shining brighter and brighter
Then…without warning it was struck down by the cruel
Monster of grunge and the evil witch of techno
Together they killed the bright and joyful force of steel
Or so everyone thought…
But a small spark survived the fight, and it knew that if it
Was discovered, it would surely be killed. So the spark
Waited, and waited for exactly as long as it had ruled ten
Years before, and by that time the spark had grown into a
Powerful flame of steel, much brighter and warmer than
The evil music that now reigned the fields of the world
Then, the flame started making his music again, using all
The magic it knew from the days of glory, the flame
Combined every classic trick with new powerful sounds
And faster tones than ever before! He made his master
Piece shine brightly! Then he released the first album of
His new empire, he had written it to kill the evil ways of
Pop-music. No lawyer could help them in the court of steel
He would sentence them all to death!
…….Even if they were innocent!!!

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