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Defiance - lyrics

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The here and now, the start, the end
The make believe, you don't pretend
The way you live, the way you breathe
The sahadows hide you underneath
And if it seems you might dispair
And if the people stand and stare
Just raise your fist up in the air
And shout resistance, opposition,
You will never die
And shout defiance, combat mission,
Blood is in your eyes
Defiance, our liberte is never turning
Defiance, egalite will never burn
Defiance, fraternite is never turning
Defiance, our pauvrete will not return
Your memories will save the day
And never let you fade away
The force, the fuel, the heat, the cold
The endless tale, the story told
And only if you let it go
And all the pain, you're feeling low
No turning back, on with the show

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