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Blood Drive - lyrics

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Are you there behind the trees?
Waiting there with your eyes glowing
I know you wait for me
Are you there with your desire?
Come here I show you the Devil
We'll make the sacrifice of life
Children raised in hate
Bloodlegacy beyond centuries
You shall be my whore of hell
Awake now and walk with me
Towards the pearly gates
In the dreary landscape of mind
the drops of losses burst in alive
so crumble before this Luciferian love
'cos like my blood is red, all my love is in death
Tonight (drown with me)
The midnight sun sets so red
Aah (love my pain)
Under bleeding sky we made our bed
I can be the one, the one you want
I am your key to the new realm
The mark is written into our hearts
Yes, we gather the light
And howl like wolves of night
As we enter the kingdom of lust
Children raised to hate
Blood drive pulsing in veins
Immortality is what I ask
Eternal life for two of us
For these souls stained by blood
Tonight (find my heaven)
The midnight sun sets so red
Aah (born into my hell)
Under bleeding sky we made our bed

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