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Ignis Fatuus - lyrics

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Motionless is the corpse in the grave
But flames from the ground seem to come out
In the churchyard tonight magic lights
I can see the spirits of the Dead wandering quiet...
Occult arts practised under their great light
To evoke the force trapped underground
Come to us, come to us
Arise! Come to us tonight!
I feel a presence,
Obscure eyes watching me
I am scarred by this new life
Ignis fatuus
Ignis fatuus
"In the chapel a portion of the marble floor
had been torn up, for it was desired to touch
the naked earth with the bare feet, and draw her powers
directly up from their volcanic stratum.
In this sulphur the magick circle had been drawn
with a two-pointed stick, and the grooves thus made
had been filled with charcoal powder.
It was not a true circle, no figure of sanctity
and perfection might enter in that accursed rite..."

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