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How cold is it there in your heart?
You made such a fool of me
You lied when you said you loved me
Touched me, then turned and walked away
You knew what you were doing
There would never be something more
You made me believe in something
That simply was never there
It was a game to you
Look what you've done to me
I'm blue, I've become so cold
My tears they don't fall anymore
They drift away just like snow
The fire that you left burning in me
Has all but gone out
Here I stand with my soul frozen
Screaming & clawing to get out
There are still so many questions
With all that you've done and said
I lay with them deep inside me
Each night with this space in my bed
What kind of satisfaction
Is it that you get from my pain
Your brilliant mind is twisted
The game is over
I'm not gonna play
This bitter chill in me
Is all that I'm feeling

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