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You keep callin my name
When the stars are dead
You could understand
I've got nothing but chains.
They're breaking me down
As you fall in me, you could understand.
I've got chains.
But I'm back. I'm left.
I'm here for the show.
I crawl as I fall
& you call as i run
& nobody knows
I try, defy, my truth gonna die.
But you're in the darkest place
Because you're in a dark embrace
& they take my mind away
I trust no one. I swear I'm back again.
A tear runs on her face
Some people call that grace
You in the darkest place
Her in a dark embrace
I take a lesson
Remind me as I am
I may be the lost son
I could be the last one
I drive & listen
I drive & listen
Drive & listen, think too much
I drive & listen, think too much
I try to stand.
Thougth I was dead & yet I'm alive...
I'm not so sure...
At 24, opened the door, saw what he didn't want to see,
what he didn't want to be, what he didn't want to be
He's in chains.
So you're alone. Nothing at all.

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