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Against forest of our spears
On the walls of our shields
Fight them back to the frozen hell

Stand with me, my noble warriors
We all sworn to die or win
For our dead and for those who live

Tall as mountain, dark like blood in dusk
Have no fear no matter what they send on us
Sign of light is now on our side
We all die but not on this battleground

Knights – our vanguard
Elven archers on high grounds
Left wing hold dwarves
And on right northern tribes


From eternal sleep we come with our greed
To devour all life, even your dreams and will to fight

Ou we see you stand
With swords in trembling hands
This fear in your eyes
Can freeze bravest heart
AAAaaa… !!! AAAaaa…!!!
And then, the great battle begin…
Clash of swords and shields now will sing…

Anthem for war
Anthem for blood
Anthem for hope
Anthem for gods of war

As the black winged horrors soar above the sky
Arrows hit them and they crash to ground
Minions impaled on the spears
Cry of men and horses rended by the beasts
All around gore and limbs mixed with blood and steel

And this is end – the glory end
Of our tale in magic land
Bards and skalds now will sing
About the ones who slay the beasts

So many dies, but they live
In our hearts
In tales of a bold heroes

Drink with us and raise your glass
Raise your voice warriors
In this day legend is born
For us all, forevermore

Lyrics was added by DevilDan