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Going down the USA
Land of dope and take away
Stars and stripes, bros and bikes
Gonna have you one by one
Fear the day when we come
'Cause we are loyal to none
Big America, gonna catch up with you
Great American, gonna have lots of fun
If it's Detroit or LA
If it's all the same when we get to play
Catch the plane that flies to fame
We've got tons of noise to give away
Heavy metal warheads is what we'll launch
'Cause atomics are made for a crazy bunch
Wanna know how it feels
Getting fucked in yellow on wheels
A yellow cab is what I mean
Kind of hot and very obscene
We've got no virtues, only dreams
I'm gonna eat bacon and beans
Drinking Jack Daniels
In a big black limousine
Turning the show
Into one big Halloween
Heavy metal's breaking through
I'm gonna play it, now how about you?

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