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Oh! I envy you, you got so much self-assurance
You're so insolent, but... by the way you got nothing to say
You're clever boy, probably you've got no problems
Yeah, you always smile, but... why are you shakin'??
You always have clean hands, yeah, it isn't my business,
But don't get me wrong, you don't tell me what's goin' on.
You've got so much to tell, you've nothing left to transfer
You almost don'tcurse, why doeasn't anyone want to know you?!
You say, you're always right, I envy you so much,
You say, you're never wrong, but... why do you blunder??
I don't believe, that you could hurt anyone,
Sure, you're good-lookin', but why you're still alone.
Don't touch me,
Hands off,
Don't touch me,
Go away!!

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