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There's a fever that burns more than the fire
And flammes that go higher than higher ...
There are pains and joys that fly like birds,
and people swim with a back wind.

It's not easy to say hello
It's not easy to say goodbye

How can I try to cure my love ?
There's a hole in my life, and a weasel within.

I don't like to avoid mistakes,
But it's as easy as to take a plane to ... where ?
Too young, forever too young
Your brittle heart was not so strong ...
I stand still.
Sometimes, I ask to myself
Is it me or was it you ?

Love is the hurting you can't cure with pain.

Oh, I'll never be that blind again,
You didn't kiss my eyes, you gave me glasses.
I never say " regrets " , shame of being imperfect
That is not me.
Asses and drinks as in a movie,
But you and your lips were candy ... like campari

Love ... love ... love : the hurting.

Lyrics was added by roman59

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