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Birth And The Burial - lyrics


Cast into flame, you are the fire. Bridges, they burn
Your friends walk away from tou now
Debts from the past. Strangers return, promises sold
They've come to collect what you owe

Rest and repent your sins, it's a feast for the dead
Heaven's burning below - Your name on a tombstone
Your fate, it falls on deaf ears, with every unanswered prayer
Your reap what you sow - The birth and the burial

You're bleeding out, buried alive. It's your last breath
You're helped dig the hole that's your grave
Sever the ties, leave them behind. You've tortured yourself
Haunted by your biggest mistake

No God will answer your call, you're left to die on your own
Give yourself unto the earth, it's best for everyone else

Fatal embrace, feed their desire, your cradle, it falls
Your firstborn will surely be blind
Mourning the loss, you are the sign, an unspoken curse
Secrets untold, come to life

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Birth And The Burial

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