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Refrain And Re-Fracture - lyrics

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Who you are and who you were
With everything you say, it's said and done
Nothing to shield the disdain
Illusion of a broken man you are
You're disconnected from the world beyond yourself
See that what you do hurts someone else
Such inhumanity...
It's pure insanity, the words in which you speak
You're going in for the kill
The hunter is captured by its prey - It's only natural
You play the game not to win
Seek comfor in pleasure that's your pain - refrain and re-fracture
Unfulfilled and full of rage
Emptiness you feel, it's all your fault
The waking hours remain
The lack consciousness says who you are
You set the standard for your sheep senceless ignorance
Your arrogance makes sure you always get your way
You hide behind the door, given another chance
You'd do it all again, despite the guilt and shame
Dismantled and disengaged, rely on promises and broken vows
The voice of reason is void, embrace the future as a total loss

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