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10,000 miles - lyrics

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Wait for the sun to set your time
Wait till your tide rolls out to sea
Take a deep breath, whisper my name
I'll look up just in time to see
I'll see the sky that's in your eyes
Then the stars can follow me 
10,000 miles to take me home
I don't belong, out here alone at sea
10,000 miles ain't that far
When it's over and done,
there's nothing but you and me
Take all your blessings and your prayers
Lay down your blanket on the beach
Just watch the waves crash on the shore
And feel the water at your feet
and know that somewhere I am home
I feel you from the ocean deep
If from the farthest sun I'll cary on
Just for the moment I can feel
The beauty of the beating of your heart
Every time it beats for me

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