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The Last Breath - lyrics

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I'm lost in sadness
Rageful, helpless
Lying unconscious
You're fading away
I can't bbelieve it
I can't accept it
Your lost is tremendous
You're fading away
I you to stay
In a one second flash back
I remember our lives in my head
So much things left unsaid
From the first breath to the last
All this life of yours has past
Injustice! Outrageous! Merciless! Infamous!
It can't be the end
There is much more to explore
It can't be the end
It can't be the end
You should be fighting for more
I don't understand
I you to stay
I'll remember you
And I'll be walking through
And I'll remember you
Your memory shall shine through
Still I you to stay
I can feel your soul through your last breath.

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