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Winds will come and winds will go
And the seasons always change
But the light that shimmers in her eyes
Stays the same
Yeah, the sun will shine and the moon will glow
And the world will always turn
There's a constant fire inside of her
That always burns
She knows me
Every corner of my soul
She knows me
The way I come, the way I go
She told me
There's nothin' I can show
That she don't know about me
Round and round and round we go
Neither here or neither there
All I know, without her in my life
I'd be nowhere
Well, feelings come and feelings go
But some things never change
Like the light that shimmers in her eyes
It stays the same
Oh, she knows me
When I'm wrong or when I'm right
She knows me
In the middle of the night
She holds me
And I don't say a word
Cuz words could never save me
She's got a permanent hold on my heart
And I'm learning to live with the loneliness
When we're apart
Every little way
She knows me
When there's nothin' left to say
She holds me
And time just flies away
Cuz bein' with her is so easy
Oh, she knows me
Better than I know myself...

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