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I believe in love - lyrics

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They said you wouldn´t make it so far aha
and every sense they said that it´s been hard
but never mind that night you had to cry
´cause you had never let it go inside
you worked will hard and you knowed excactly what you want and need so believe
and you can never give up
you can reach your goals just talk to your soul and said :

i believe-i can
i believe-i will
i believe- i know my dreams are real
i believe-i can
i believe-i will
i believe i hold it soon man
that is what i do believe
your fools are just singing,your soul aha
and you don´t that your moves will let them show
you keep adikay choose in your mind
so just will hit me will control and i it will be fine
leave all up your kiss and stress behind just let it go
let the music go inside against the pain
it just stop to believe
rap passage
at third my yet what people say
holding hand how to turn away
when all my holds and dreams I will believe
even know it´s seems that´s not for me
i wan´t give up i keep it up looking to the sky
we all ageeve oh it might bees
i will always believe
Chorus 2x

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