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Helsinki 1939 - lyrics

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The last day of November in 1939
The early winter has painted the city white
As day turns to night and
Skies clear above
People below will
Fight to stay alive
The sunlight vanishes and leaves the city bare
The lights are killed and the traffic is rare
As heavy silence
Fills the ground
From the east
The sky unleashes the beast
The monstrous roaring of the bombers
Fills the moonlit sky
The fear among the men grows bigger
Unsure if they’re gonna die
The overwhelming size of the Soviet fleet
Prepares to drop its load
The pitch black city hidden down below
Prepares to take a blow
A Soviet pilot tries to see the target
In the pitch black night
The A-A fire lights the sky in flames
Right before the plane
In fear he drops the bombs and turns away
As flak tears the sides
As the first bombs hit the ground
The inferno is unleashed
The wail of death from above
They hear the screams everywhere
The dying cries of children
Somebody screams: Incoming!
The air raid siren cries midst of mayhem
All around the chaos unfolds
Bloody remains of dead civilians
Grief of the people left alive
Smoke arises from burning rubble
Inside the trapped children cry
How could their father save them now
He's at frontline dying too
Save their souls
Mend our ways
May their souls
Rest in peace
When the sun begins to rise
The full destruction is seen
Death is present everywhere
But things could be worse
The government buildings still intact
Most of the bombs dropped to sea
Dread tonight's second attack
Blood on their hands they're coming back
Will we learn
From our past
May our scars
Heal in time
The first day of the bombings slowly came to end
A feeling of relief is felt throughout the town
Only to find out
That the coming night
Would make the capital
Face death again

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