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Lets Have A Party - lyrics

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We're sitting at home chewing a bone
And we want to party
Were sitting at home chewing a bone
And we want to party
I'm sitting at home chewing a bone
I wanna party
Them next door think I'm a bore
I wanna party
I didn't get an invitation
Well fuck their party i'm gonna make one
I combed my teeth and brushed my hair
I wanna Party
Guess i'm going out somewhere
I wanna party
There's a wild one in this town
All i gotta do is hunt it down
On the streets i'm cruising hard
We wanna Party
I'm gonna make some dance card
We wanna party
Got my friends along with me
Meet Jimmy B and Jackie D
I hear the word of a party near
We wanna Party
With sexy girls and Sudsy beer
We wanna Party
I hitch a ride from another guy
And we drink poor Jim and Jackie dry
When we arrive i'm a wasted man
But i'm gonna party like a party man can
I'm a drinking dog and a dancing fool
I can make a party cool
Come the sunrise time to soar
We wanna Party
The party i'm at is the party next door
We wanna Party
Well you can't beat that for a night of fun
We wanna Party
And the weekends only just begun

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