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All I am
I am because of you
Everything's been shaped by you
All of my achievements
I achieved through you
Now I fall behind
You always pulled me through
All I am
All I do
Everything's been shaped by you
This isn't me and now I see it
Your dressing me up felt like I was your plaything
Going your direction made me trip and fall behind
You must let go because you're strangling me but
Now I breathe fresh air
This why I'm breaking free from you
Just to know what’s real
I'll walk the rocky road and feel
The wind beneath my wings
Can't you see
I'm trying hard to be
Everything I ought to be
But I seem to fail you
Time and time again
You still ask of me
All that I can bear to lose
Can't you see
You are keeping me
from being what I ought to be
This isn’t me and now I see it
I am not like you nor do I ever want to
I have my own premises and plan to live by those
You kept me long but now I’m tearing free
And now I breathe fresh air

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