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Take your sneaky eyes away and let me move at ease
Take your judging mind away and let me live in peace
Sorry that you thought I was supposed to be like you
Sorry that you think I really never had a clue
I don’t believe I know it all
Sorry that I disappointed all your hopes in me
Sorry that you think I am not all that I could be
I just have to be me
There’re too many things inside me
Too much chaos in my head
I just can’t adapt to your way
Accept as truth the things you say
Sorry I don’t fit your picture of integrity
Sorry that I question vital parts of your believes
Just let me live my life
Sorry if your bliss lies in your mediocrity
Sorry if I don’t agree with that philosophy
I just can’t agree
Take your rules and apply them to yourself
I don’t need your guidance and I don’t need your help

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