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Mortelle fourberie enfantine - lyrics

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The moonchildren’s deceit will have a man die…
Culprit of a horrible crime, the warrior lost his mind…
The king necromancer would have infected his own blood.
The sentence without dispute, tonight has been pronounced, and without a true proof, he was pushed down a high cliff.
And the voice of the people raised in the mournful sky…
Traitor, criminal, necromancer’s son! Traitor, criminal, necromancer’s son! The warrior of Ledoras with such pure blood yet didn’t deliver his solemnel promise, the forbidden fruit he made the childrenmoon taste, the embodiment of innocence…
What had that valiant knight done?
Not a single proof had been found, what this was to happen so suddenly on him?
The work of a childish deceit would have had a warrior die,
the moonchildren’s naïve foolishness, the ones who’d accused him just to tease him…
And the voice from Heavens inflated !
Liars, criminals, unworthy sons! insane, villainous, children of disgrace!
The sacred children, have offended the Gods, in their excess they killed a man; but in the shadow they would be forgiven, because they, the childrenmoon reflect Purity.

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