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The Lords Of The Tapestry - lyrics

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Two powerful lords were facing each other,
their gaze channelling the stormy power of hatred.
Impressive and troubling, the angels’ ruins were floating above them, drawn to a powerful magic. Adrana serenely focuses all her energy and will on Thoed – the unyielding evil. A dire and dark chapter is unfolding. Their hectic idleness is the sign of an epic battle, two magnificent swords they rise, towards starry heavens Adrana’s ancestors’ celestial stronghold maintain. The motionless scene is bitter and tragic The eerie atmosphere is breathtakingly real.
Behold the great tapestry adorning our deceased queen’s walls, taking Adrana away towards an unreliable fate. Time will come when Adrana will have to face Thoed. And that night, she will be waiting.

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