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The Nymph’s Corpse - lyrics

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Eyes closed; dreams of wet light, sweet ocean's goddess
Strange and aquatic perfume, frail skin as mother of pearl.
Dressed in a dark satin 's veil, with diamonds sparkling on her sensual belly…
She could have been born in a waterfall by a siren with opal eyes… She swims through precious stones, her golden hair borne by the waves.
Wonderful, mysterious, goddess, nymph of Adrana's kingdom.
Why is she so cold Nymphea?
She is dead Nymphea!
Her eyes are closed, nothing in her mind,
dark and deep voice, phantom of Nymphea…
Hemp and corpse smells, waste away and translucent skin…
Dressed in a black shroud, grubs swarming in her putrid belly...

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