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Don't Believe Anymore - lyrics

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A long time ago when I was a boy and it seemed
That all the world in my eyes was a simpler place
I was told black and white, good and evil abound all around
And then I had faith ...
Cause I alway believed what they told me
Relied on their words to console me
Innocence of youth could enfold me
Enclose me ...
Then as the years went by the world seemed to change
And the fears filled my mind that it won't be the same
It appeared that my eyes would be opened again, once again
But still I had faith ...
Cause I wanted to believe what they told me
Rely on their words to console me
But now I could see through my own eyes
Through the bold lies ...
And I came alive as I read
Drums of war seemed to sound in my head
Of sin and sorrow I read
From now on I decide my own fate
Now, now it's the end
No more, I won't pretend
Cause I don't wanna believe anymore
I won't be deceived cause I'm sure
I don't believe anymore
Anymore ...

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