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Standing alone, a radiant glow
Sunlight in her hair
No telling what lies behind mysterious eyes
Secrets she won't share
Precious jewel shines so bright
And all else fades from sight
I'm on my knees, I'm at her feet
She's got my heart tonight
My exotic lady
You are a mystery to me
Show me the way into your heart
My exotic lady
Held by her gaze I cannot escape
And she's enchanting me
Magical power grows stronger each hour
From her spell I can't break free
Dusky temptress beckons me
Into her distant world
Siren song won't leave me be
I can't resist you girl
My exotic lady
You remain a mystery to me
Open up to me your heart
My exotic lady
Unable to turn I must go on
Too irresistible her charm
Allures like none that I have known
Have brought me to the edge and there
Despair awaits me now
My exotic lady
You will remain a mystery to me
Frustration's tearing me apart
Cause I can't have you baby
My exotic lady
You will remain a mystery to me
Who will repair my broken heart?
My exotic lady

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