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Five Minute Dynamo - lyrics

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All around this big wide world
There's honeys needing loving and I know my role
Have no fear Mr.Excitement is here
There's enough of me to go around so don't despair
You're on my list and I'm checking it twice
Got you penciled in from 9 o'clock to 9-0-5
Ain't my concern if you've been naughty or nice
Reindeer gettin' restless, babe it's time to fly
I'm your five minute dynamo baby
Better buckle up and hold on tight
My sleigh of love is taking off baby
I'm gonna take you to paradise...
For five minutes tonight
Some guys can go all night
But me I'm like a shooting star that burns too bright
All sparks no fire baby
Ain't that what you desire baby?
Girl I hope you like surprises
Cause there's a secret you must know
That when the curtain rises
You've already missed the show
I'm your five minute dynamo baby
And you know when that feeling is right
Don't bother shopping round no more baby
You've found the right man who'll give you what you need...
For five minutes a night

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