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Brace For Impact - lyrics

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Collision course;
Unknown is the path
That leads to demise
Extinction level,
Event unfolds before your eyes
A curse? an omen?
In the fire we'll be cleansed
The coming destruction
Upon us; no defense
A prophesy? prediction that's so old
Leaves the planet cold
Ignorance? a blessing in disguise?
The price of knowing?
To know this is goodbye
To die awake: Awakening of the Gods
The odds against us
(brace for impact)
hell approaches at near light-speed
...all life dies
(mankind must face the fact)
A race against time...
(brace for impact)
Death appearing in the blackened sky
...we die!
(mankind falls dead)
Brace for impact
The coming of the end
Deadly force,
Now known is the fate
That leads into Hell
Evolution derailed
Dominant species fails
The clock it ticks
The final page is read
Now tolls the bell,
Life hangs now by a thread
Defiance? there's no chance to survive
Our science fails
As nothing's left alive
To die afraid: afraid of what will come
The Gods have left us
Nemesis: comes the opposite of life
Life in the balance
Comes now the fire
Fire raining down,
Down the rivers of denial
The blood of every nation:
Will splash ashore
Apocalypse is coming
Armageddon at our door
Father Death has dealt his hand,
The dice is thrown
The debt now paid
Made afraid, laid to waste, our fate
The Sun will never rise again,
All hope is slayed
The final card is played
The game is: chaos reigns!...

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