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Crimson Hell - lyrics

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Relationship is breaking up
That woman always breaks my balls
Once a month she is a bitch
A screming, bleeding psycho-witch
Every 4 weeks on the blob
I'm left alone with hand on knob
Part the red Sea,
Grease-haired scrag
But sex is banned:
She's on the rag!
You always treat me
Like a piece of shit, bitch
You always say that:
"you can scratch your own itch"
You always leave me
In my room with my porn
But when the tides out,
You want horn!
Crimson Hell!
The Devil's Spell!
Crimson Hell!
...what a smell, bleaarh!
Smashing cups and throwing plates
It's me alone that woman hates
Girlfriend cries when she ain't sad
Tempermental?! she's fuckin' mad!
Turns down every advance
She'd stab me if she got the chance
A blow job is a mortal sin
Doors are shut, painters are in

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