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Fight For The Right (To Be A Dick) - lyrics

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Planes straif the hill side
"Top Gun" for our eyes
Designer warfare
Watch the share prices rise
G.I. Joe stays safe in his tank
At the front
Politicians says who dies in the Hunt
Deluded troops of Uncle Sam
Force their beliefs on foreign lands
Toy soldier!-watch him go!
Wind him up!-catch the show!
It's the same in every war
Devastate with shock and awe
Annihilate the weak and poor
A devil in a soldiers uniform
Corporation play-thing
Acting out their role
Destruction is the game with money as their goal
Business man stays safe
In his house far away
Action man hero
Repeats what he says
Gods hypocrites they take their fill
Metal angels swoop to kill
Fight for the right (to be a dick)
Pictures that we see
Never show the true story
Choreographed battles
And a fake march to glory
Edit out the death
Rate the slaughter P.G.
1000's lie dead they don't
Want us to see
Fight for a God they never seen
Spread the words of the obscene

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