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Fight To The Death - lyrics

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Spreading death across the land
...vicious attack
Legions of the unwashed swines missiles tracked
Blinded by the nuclear blast
...all cities fall
The future now in doubt
...the gates slam shut
Fight to the Death!
Bomb 'em to Hell
In torment you dwell
Fight to the death!
Angry fists; the button's pressed dismay
Winds bring viruses slips away
Systems fail; unholy hordes
...are raging wild
Deceit the only price
...truth lays dead; defiled
fight to the death!
Send 'em to Hell
Now sounds the bell
Fight to the death!
Dressed to die
Napalm will fall
The time has come
To kill 'em all
The sky is black
The night is dead
Pawns of war
Under command: to the death

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