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Find A New Addiction - lyrics

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3:28 the lesson nearly done
bored out my skull
need a kick and have some fun
bell rings, fuck the school
run home fast
throw my bag and crash
crazy air guitar, dive off my bed
my room gets trashed
crank that amp
mum said: turn it down
live for loud
dad said: son you're a clown
dirty, rotten, noisy and useless
she said: find a new addiction
you play that shit to loud
dad said: find a new addiction
that damned infernal sound
mum said: find a new addiction
i'm trying hard to sleep
they said: find a new addiction
so loud it makes me weep
hip-hop ain't good for me
fuck kanye and Jay-Z
sick of these i need a fix
been hooked since 1986
thrash metal in my veins
we knew it would rise again
to claim the crown
to tear the whole world down

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