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Hospital Hard-On - lyrics

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Sitting in the waiting room
Read all the magazines
Bored, so stole some bandages
And hid behind the screens
Wrapped them 'round my penis
And I shouted to a nurse
She took one look
Then took my pulse
Put my number in her purse
Open up and say "aah"
'Cos the doctor's now on call
Kneel down, stick your tongue out
Doctor love is now on the ward
Open up and say "aah"
Take my hospital hard-on
You'll thank me later
When your symptoms have all gone
Went into prosthetics
Never meant to cause alarm
Shook some old-boy by the hand
And stole most of his arm!
Gynecology beckoned put a gown on
And some gloves
Done 20 checks on 20 chicks
And 20 fell in love

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