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How comes you land
On your feet every time?
Why is your sky
Always bluer than mine?
I choose to push
You know I should pull
My glass half-empty
Yours half-full
Call me human garbage
Think their words really hurt?
Label me as shit
They say my name is...dirt!
How comes you're happy
While I'm feeling like shit?
Rain fell like piss
It's me it would hit!
Catch 22-can't help how I feel
My life or death?
Huh!both don't appeal
Dirt!-king of the sewer
I'm dirt!-lord of the filth
I'm dirt!-dirt!-human debris
I'll live with the rats
In the home that I've made
My pre-fab slum where no rent is paid
Born in the gutter that's where I'll stay-fuck what they say!
You're so popular
Always making new friends
I'm so despised
My relationships end
Not of your world
I don't seem to fit
Cos what I touch, man;
Turns to shit

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