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Let 'Em Eat Steel - lyrics

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Crossing timeless oceans
Full speed to distant shores
Invasion force in motion
Bring gifts of hate & war
Conquest of the ancient ways
Kill in the name of Christ
Devastate the heretics
Let them feel God's knife
They are bringing
...death and God's word
Killing without mercy
War-monger of the cross
Women and children put to the sword
Elder's secrets lost
Warlord priest
A bringer of plagues
A poisoned jungle Hell
In blood inked is the story
That history never tells
Burning & looting
They plunder destroying their lands
Killing,they rape;fear God's thunder
Blood on Christian hands
Stabbing & shooting
They murder
Blood-soaked is the land
Slaying, they bring slaughter
Destroying Holy lands
So! Let them eat steel
(Let them eat steel)
Let them eat steel
(Let them eat steel)
Let them eat steel!
Crushing without mercy
Jesus at their side
Smash their temples
Spill their blood
A hidden genocide
Army of the Holy ones
Soak the dry ground red
Vicious wielders of the "truth"
Won't stop 'til all are dead
Let them eat steel

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