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Little Jimmy - lyrics

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Jimmy was a boy
His parents didn't love him
Though Jimmy tried real hard
They still placed all above him
He got straight "A's"at school
But that still wasn't enough
And all that Jimmy wanted
To be shown a little love
So Jimmy took a Tech-9
And he took a Smith and Wesson
He rode his bike to school
Just to teach them all a lesson
He went into the school-yard
As usual insults flowed
But Jimmy has a suprise
Now it's time to lock and load!
Years of repressed anger
Unleashed that summer day
When little Jimmy lost it
And he blew his friends away
Jimmy went back home
To see his mum and dad
With a little smile
He gave them all he fuckin' had
Jimmy climbed the stairs
And went into his room
He sat upon his bed
Cos he knew the end was soon
Took out a shot-gun
Put his books upon the shelf
Put the gun into his mouth
Then Jimmy killed himself

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