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Sniff The Bottle - lyrics

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Woke up one morning
With a pounding in my head
Felt like shit...
...I was more than half-way dead
My throat was tight
Mouth desert dry
I couldn't even speak
Another morning after
That's the 6th so far this week
Sniff the bottle
Sniff the bottle
(They left my milk and my 7-up but
I want my fucking alcohol!)
Stumble to my kitchen
Had to crack a brew...
...frat-boy jocks stole all my beer
so what was I to do?
Strangers in my closet
In my bath and on the ground
Geeks and freaks crashed everywhere
They came from all around
Caned my Bud, Jack, Vodka...
...stole my cash
Drained every single-drop
From empties dumped-out in the trash
Sniff the bottle
Sniff the bottle

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