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. Struck By Lightning (Twice) - lyrics

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A crack of thunder
Breaks the moon-lit sky
Power surge leads:
Leads to your demise
Flesh will burn
Bones will char
There's nothing you can do
Fried alive
Boiled inside
A bolt sent from the blue
Blast: will strike
Snaking from above
It's gonna course
Right through your veins
Massive voltage: over-load
The vengeance of the Gods
Is gonna fuck you up again
Struck by lightning...(twice)
Struck by lightning
Nurse! go get me ice!!
Electricity runs down your spine
Adrenalin; will surge again
Fucking up your mind
Flesh will burn
Bones will char
A pain you've never felt
Fried alive
Boiled inside
You feel your brains will melt
(flesh will burn)
(bones will char)
(fried alive)
(boiled inside)

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