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Two Minute Warning - lyrics

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panic stricken, people run from the blast
shelter under or you better run fast
two minute warning is never enough
give me more time to get my stuff
two minute warning i'm still in bed
in 45 seconds i'm dead
two minute warning will lead us to the grave
two ninute warning, not even time to shave
two minute warning and i can't find my socks
two minute warning and shit, i've lost my clock!
lost my socks!
lost my clock!
can't find my shoes
the bombs fly over my head
my mum hides under her bed
my dad's got a bunker outside
the place where i'm gonna hide
we've got enough food for a year
but only a weeks worth of beer
we'll have to go on fridge raids
before the afghans invade... taliband-aid!

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