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Your head's full of shit
That they don't wanna know
And your body's in a place
Where you didn't wanna go
You're tied-up, strapped-down
Staring at the wall
And the therapy don't work
That just made a bigger fool
I don't wanna live - live
This way!
I don't wanna feel - feel
This pain!
Taken all their pills
& you've been to all their groups
And you've sat, sat up and begged
& you've jumped through
All their hoops
Done what you're asked
Like a puppet being jerked
You feel a fuckin' failure
Cos none of this has worked
I don't wanna feel - feel
This fear!
I don't wanna live - live
With hate!
Ward 13!
On ward 13 you're never
Gonna leave
You say you're getting better
But they never will believe
Electric shock treatment
Fucks your mind
And leaves you numb
Your family is no help
Visiting hour never comes

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