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Zombie Nation - lyrics

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The man above says join our flock
the man bellow says suck that cock
man on T.V says believe in my
man in a suit is decieving me
man in the church says give to the poor
man in the frock is a company whore
the boss at work fucks the average joe
well tell these asswholes where to go!
Won't be, won't be
won't be part of the system
zombie, zombie
you can bark your own
but i won't listen
Zombie nation
this zombie nation
that we call our home
zombie nation
the population is comatose
Man in the ad. isn't better than you
woman on throne needs to shit like you
man on the silver screen has problems aswell
celebrity Gods in a personal Hell
man with the power counts his cash, not the dead
man with the camera uses the lens in your head
man at the papers tells goons what to think
man in the company poisons what we drink
No-one i know thinks for themselfs
selfish mother-fuckers
rule the roost control your mind
control your mind
won't be part of the plan
control your mind
won't bow to the business man
control your mind
won't be part of the scheme
control your mind
dumb-fucks in an endless dream

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