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A Pact with a Phantom Coven - lyrics

Premonitions flood to him, appearing nightly
Clearly revealed to him, the wisdom mightily
Second sight - clairvoyance
A labyrinth of delusions
Awakened from their slumber
Were the ancients
Summoned for the wish, damned forever
Approaching as the stench of hell followed
They stood awaiting the subject's request
A bargain for immeasurable wealth
Uncontrollable power
Unstoppable knowledge
Required was the flesh of the pure
By the appearance of the next full moon
Inked in his own blood
The contract was sealed
Unable to complete the task
The voracious subject organized a scene
To deceive the phantom quartet
Possessed with greed
He fled with his wealth
On a journey to escape
The dreadful wraiths
No fame or fortune could save him
From the beastly onslaught
Doomed for eternity
A slave to their will
A destiny realized
The price was payed in full

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