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A Return to Pagan Glory - lyrics

Behold a rebirth of prestige
Brought forth with blood and steel
Echoing through the centuries
The calling of the ancient ones
Nocturnal brethren armed for war
Strength and honor shall be restored
The war banners were flying high
Under a gloomy storm filled sky
Amidst the chilling winds
The opposing forces met
Unholy hatred could never be matched
The dark forces would
Emerge supremely triumphant
Sound the attack, the archers released
Their flaming assault, The battle cries were
Shouted loudly and the troops began to charge
The thunderous clash of war, the agonizing
Screams and the severed limbs, crushed skulls
And mangled bodies
Jehovah's armies were in retreat, a mighty roar
Could be heard of thousands of carnivorous vultures
That have come to feed on the flesh of the
Pulverized corpses of slain christians that lay
rotting on the battlefield
Our pagan glory has been achieved

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