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Martyrs for Diabolical Summonings - lyrics

Protectors of cryptic seals
Bringers of ancestral vengeance
Keepers of voracious evil
Defenders of the malicious beast
Elusive figures emerge
Their true intentions revealed
Loudly chanted mantras
The conjuring awaits
Gloomy preparations for the ceremony begin
The trembling bewildered offering is presented
Bound and gagged hopeless tears of despair start to flow
Forcefully extended arms the slender wrists exposed
A servile shadow displays the steely blade
Slicing through flesh the erotic fluid erupts
Drained into the chalice the crimson blood pours
Immersed in madness the blood lust ensues
An inferno ignited from the lungs of hell
Erratic flames leapt toward the blackened sky
Arising from the mystical pyres
Disturbing images from the smoldering embers
Carried by the breath of night
Awakened from its dormant sleep
From the depths the entity arrives
Relentlessly unleashed upon mankind
A successful nocturnal summoning
The watchers will be hunted
For the chaos they've released
The macabre covenant is complete

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