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The Forsaken - lyrics

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Dark is the course you choose
But never knowing why
A reality in a nightly nature
Soon to be realized
Drawn toward the flowing sea
Of blackened nightmares
Seduced by the evil
And pulled into the storm
Deceived by the shadow
And infected by the fiend
The excruciating transformation begins
The death of the mortal being
Is the birth of the nosferatu
Elitely morbid obsessions
Seethingly twisted fetishes
Unrestrained bloodlust
Perverse desires arise
Bound to the shadows
Sanctuary the dark
Entombed daily in its decaying crypt
The inner torment of sanguine thirst
Sickening visions of what's to be
Tightening the noose of lunacy
Immense isolation
Yearning for acceptance
Hatred breeds
From the betrayal it received
A misanthropic creature
Created by despair
Renounced under oath
All that is holy
The rejected soul damned
To stalk the earth
For that which is eternal
Shall never die

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