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The Inquisition Tower - lyrics

Fallacious accusations, heresy the charge
They stood accused, only torture would suffice
Licentious holymen, irreverence their goal
Unearthly suffering
Unavoidable punishment
The purification through pain
Heathen witches sent to be tried
Before the unjust tribunal
The verdict would be swift
Sadistic hypocrites will ensure a slow death
Confined in restraints and shackled to a wall
The wild flogging begins the ordeal
Imprisoned in lofty cells
Behind closed doors
Away from prying eyes
The nightmare escalates
Forced confessions
Lavished in heinous implements
Ornately drenched in
Semen soiled plasma
Impious monks stand spent and satisfied
As the misfortunates lay defiled beyond consciousness
Hysterical convulsions as you're stretched upon the rack
Violent contortions from brutal amputation
Scorched tongues ripped from their throats
Gouged eyes lay dangling from their heads
Victims to a fate worse than death
As the last ounce of life remains
They beg for the end - drawn and quartered
The pendulum awaits

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