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Tyrants of the Deep - lyrics

Grasped by demonic possession
Uncontrollable urges to slay
Nameless horrors in the abyss
Ascend to retrieve their prey
Overcast the shadow of deception
The outcome could not be seen
Brigades of vacant remorse
Overwhelm the feeble mortals
Hell's jackals await their command
The beasts of shadow and flame
Allegiances declared to the beast
Revel in the torment of the weak
Against the legions of darkness
Success could never be
Blood oaths chanted in tongues
Ageless evil
Timeless hate
Unholy chaos
Victory to the crusaders of night
Mutilated beyond recognition
Perfected were the armies
Of the condemned
Devouring the flesh of mankind
Consuming the spirits
Of the damned

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