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Digging is deep, flying so high.
I cannot see. Mother I'm blind.
Never return, never come back.
Memory's burned by the soul crack.
Stare at the sky. Mother the cloud,
Both of her eyes are raining blood,
Into my veins, into my brain.
Mother insect works her way
Makes her way into my brain
Feeds her babe with my flesh
Use my body as your stash.
Green 70's has stolen my peace.
Walking so proudly...proudly in tears.
Something is lost and nobody can find
Never lost, never found
Never more, never mind.
"Testem a testeddel egy sírban nyugodjon
Vérem a véreddel egy patakot folyjon"
I won't see them
Never again
I won't hear them
Never again
I won't feel them
Never again
Forget them, cover them.

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