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The Devil's In The Details (Single Mix) - lyrics

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Bye bye cutie pie
You're just a piece of meat
Details deplorable
What would your mother think?
No disguise can hide the truth
Hide what's begun
Just hope you're ready cuz the devil thinks that you're the one
I'm ready
Down low
In a hole
The fear won't stop the sound
No need for misery
You're halfway in the ground
It moves slow
Crawl down the road
Crawl down the line
You'll wind up withering with no one standing on your side
I'm ready
Devil be my way
Devil be my heart
Devil eat me just say you'll be the one
Boom crash
Down the hatch
Just swallow what you're told
Life's not worth living if
You're destined to grow old
We can't start to heal the wounds
To heal the scars
As we disintegrate and scrutinize the heart

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